Centerpiece Rental and Card Box Rental
Centerpieces rental prices are priced per table and include complete set up and take down for no additional charge. IF YOU DON'T SEE IT, JUST ASK! WE ARE ALWAYS INCREASING OUR INVENTORY WITH NEW IDEAS.
Call or e-mail for pricing.

3 Eiffel tower vases with 5" glass bowl, 3 floating six hour candles, ribbon color choice, 10" round mirror, rose petals
16" cylinder vase, mirror, 6 hour candle, 2 votives, choice of flower.

Grand Martini Glass - mirror, candle, 2 votives
16" Tulip candle holder, 10" mirror, 8 hour votive candle, choice of colored gems, 2 side votives.

9" cylinder-Mirror, 2 votives, floating candle, choice of flower
9" Hurricane vase with 6 hour candle, choice of flower, 10" miror and rose petals.

Three Cylinder vases, 6", 7 1/2", 9", mirror, 3 six hour candles, choice of beads, table runner
Example of beads that can float in the water. Beads come in many colors. Will float in a number of different style of vases.

ThreeCylinder vases, 6", 7 1/2", 9", 3 six hour candles, choice of flower, ribbon and gems, mirror
9" Cylinder vase, 1 six hour floating candle, choice of ribbon, garland floating in water, mirror

square vase, mirror, square floating candle, 2 square side votives, choice of beads. SQUARE VASES COME IN THREE SIZES 4" 6" AND 8"
Hurricane Vase, mirror 2 votives, choice of flower

Babylonian centerpiece, mirror, two 4 hour candles
16" cylinder with Calla Lilly, mirror, candle, 2 votives

Grand Martini - mirror, candle, 2 side votives
16" cylinder with flower, mirror, candle, 2 votives

Snifter, mirror, 2 votives, 6 hour candle
16" cylinder, mirror, 2 votives, choice of flower, floating candle, table runner
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